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TMI: Aandacht

TMI: Aandacht

In a world overflown by information, our attention is increasingly being tested. But what is attention? How does it work? And what digital persuasion techniques are being used to get it?

We made a 5-part documentary series about it for Dutch public television called TMI: Aandacht (TMI: Attention). It was broadcasted on channel NPO3 between August 29th and September 26th of 2019.

Watch the full (dutch-spoken) episodes here:
#1: What is attention?
#2: On design
#3: Expectation
#4: Gamification
#5: Attention is power

Naar een idee van
Tom Schrooten, Thom Egberts en Jeroen Weghs
Jeroen Weghs, Thom Egberts
Edo Schoonbeek
Hielke Jan Borger, Niels van Dam
Tom Schrooten
Berend van Eerde
Animatie en vormgeving
Botoboto in samenwerking met Jan Reuser en Thomas Wals
Design gamekaart (aflevering 4)
Thijs Koole
Briël van Rijsbergen, Dolf de Haan, Berend van Eerde en Tom Schrooten
Jacob van de Water
Paul Groot
Webredactie PowNed
Leon Stooker
Pieter Klok, Jos van Genderen, Saskia van Driel
Irene van den Brekel | Human Factor TV
Met dank aan
Stefan van der Stigchel, Jeffrey Kuiken, Thomas Boeschoten, Jasper van Kuijk, Maurits Kaptein, Guda van Noort, Lydia Krabbendam, Yorick van Norden, René Glas, Michiel Smit, Tony van Rooij, Tom-Jan Meeus, Reint Jan Renes, Sanne Kruikemeier, Peeter Verlegh

Zondag met Lubach S09 Promo

Zondag met Lubach S09 Promo

Created as a collaboration between botoboto, HAUS of WAUS and Th3rd.

I love it when 3D get’s eerie. I’ve had this promo idea with me for over two years, but I was unable to realize it. I can’t do 3D myself and there’s little budget in public television promo’s, which made a collaboration with a 3D-studio hard to find. Fortunately I got to know the boys at HAUS of WAUS this year, they were totally on board with my concept, as well as the limited budget provided. So my deepest gratitude goes to them for sacrificing their summer to make this absurd promo with me. Also a big thank you to Th3rd for all the supervision on 3D-scanning and processing of the scans.

Concept and direction
Tom Schrooten | botoboto
3D Scanning supervision
Tristan Bethe | Th3rd
Editing, sounddesign and additional compositing
Tom Schrooten | botoboto
CLINT - Nömak

V&VN – Registreren en blijven leren

SIRE Laat Jongens Weer Jongens Zijn – Commercial

Samsung In-Traffic Reply

Samsung In-Traffic Reply

Our friends at Cheil asked us to create a world for Samsung In-Traffic Reply, a new app that automatically replies to incoming messages while you’re in traffic. We were responsible for all the designs and animation. We created a promotional video, a case-film, a bunch of In-Traffic Replies (short cartoons) and in-app animations of the characters and vehicles.
The app is now a standard feature on all Samsung smartphones and won a Red Dot Award and a Webby Award in 2018.

Pieter Perry and Jimmy Mars
Melissa Nieveld
Design and animation
Berend van Eerde, Tom Schrooten | botoboto




Spott makes all content shoppable by adding a real-time view of every product & brand shown. Sounds complicated, we hear you, the animation explains it all.

Berend van Eerde | botoboto
Munir de Vries

KNVB Volg je voeten

NTR De Kennis van Nu

ZML Season 5 promo

Jij moet een studie kiezen

ZML Season 3 promo

Zondag met Lubach




The Utrecht Psalter

Omroep Mik

Reckon promo

The life of Charles T. Stork